Data infrastructure and Development

This part of the MicrobeSeq project focuses on the functionality and modernization of our IT system.

With the increasing amount of data, it has been necessary to move our IT system to a High Performing Computing cluster. In this process, we will also modernize several of our pipelines, among others, replacing our in-house QC platform with the Integrated Rapid Infectious Disease Analysis (IRIDA) system. Also, we aim at modernizing our species specific pipelines and integrating them with the platform.
To achieve this, we will be adapting common coding standards, to ensure that codes can be easily interpreted and maintained in the future. Codes will be made publicly available on our github page.
Finally, the IT system will facilitate easy data sharing with collaborators and public repositories.
The MicrobeSeq project provides both the funding and the necessary structure to carry out these changes ensuring that national surveillance can still operate and be adapted to our changing IT landscape.

Kim Ng


Kim Ng , Bioinformatik
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